Alanya is one of the liveliest cosmopolitan cities in Turkey. Alanya is a tourism center you can find. Everything you dream of for a luxurious life and vacation.
Alanya offers you countless alternatives thanks to its rich natural and cultural texture, attractive and comfortable living spaces on the shores of the deep blue Mediterranean, as well as its wide range of Turkish cuisine, which is considered one of the best cuisines in the region.
Alanya is a perfect holiday center with its wide beaches, historical monuments, modern hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars.
Alanya, where you can swim on the entire coast, is a real paradise with its magnificent sun, sea and sand.

Location: Eastern Mediterranean coast
Coastal length: 78 km
Number of sunny days per year: 300+
Average air temperature in summer: 28C
Average air temperature in winter: 14C